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Off-white or ivory 100% European hemp cloth - fabric sold by the half yard

Off-white or ivory 100% European hemp cloth - fabric sold by the half yard

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• 100% European hemp
• 57in (145cm) wide
• 10oz/yd or 294g/yd
• Off-white or ivory colour
• Shrinkage: >3%

A lovely soft 100% hemp fabric which gets softer and better the more it is worn and washed! It is perfect for making smocks and shirts for lower and middle class costumes. Hemp is anti-microbial and has excellent moisture wicking properties.

According to our survey of nearly 10,000 wills, inventories and other documents which served as the basis for our book The Typical Tudor, hemp (described as canvas) was used to make nearly one third of men’s shirts and nearly half of women’s smocks. It was characteristic of the lowly and the poor, though it was also used by the better off.

For example in 1525, at one end of the social spectrum, Richard Berne, a mercer, left 20 ells of the best vitry canvas to make shirts and smocks for the poor of Bedfordshire and, at the other in 1569, three Kent gentleman’s daughters were provided with '14 elles of canvas for their smockes'.

This hemp is grown in Europe. European hemp is different to hemp from India, China and Nepal as it has less processing and the fibers the fabric is made from are longer. This makes European hemp fabrics stronger and longer lasting. The hemp is sourced from a co-operative that combines the crops of small groups of farmers. These farmers produce their hemp crops as naturally as possible with best intentions for the environment. Everyone involved in the growing and producing of this fabric is given above average wages for the industry.

Although some still confuse hemp with its well-known cousin, marijuana, this ancient plant is enjoying popularity as an eco-alternative to conventional fabrics. Growing hemp is kinder to the planet than for example cotton, as it does not use any chemical fertilizer or pesticides, it is resilient, adaptable and requires little water or chemical additives.

PLEASE NOTE, this fabric is sold by the half yard (46cm). To order the exact amount required simply select multiple quantities before adding it to your cart. For example, if you need 3½ yards, select 7 in the 'quantity' box and we'll cut the 3½ yards as one continuous length of cloth.

We offer a range of natural fabrics to meet the making needs of the discerning costume maker from basic calico (US muslin) for toiles to quality linens for making linings and underwear. We also offer a variety of woollen fabrics appropriate for Tudor reconstructions. Please visit our fabric section to see our complete range.

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Care Instructions

Pre-washing at 30 – 40 degrees is recommended

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