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The Typical Tudor: reconstructing everyday 16th century dress

The Typical Tudor: reconstructing everyday 16th century dress

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By Jane Malcolm-Davies and Ninya Mikhaila

• 216 full-colour pages
• Patterns for over 50 garments with comprehensive step-by-step instructions
• Over 140 historical illustrations
• Instructions for knitted items, including stockings, caps, sleeves and garters
• Detailed line drawings and diagrams by Michael Perry
• Photographs showing finished reconstructed garments worn by real people
• Paperback
• 9in x 11in (20.5cm x 28cm)

The Tudor Tailor’s latest book builds on the research carried out for The Tudor Tailor (2006) with a focus on ordinary people's clothing in the 16th century. At 216 pages it is significantly larger than previous works and includes sewing and knitting patterns for more than 50 garments appropriate for lower-class and middle-class people.

The book presents a thorough survey of evidence for the dress of common people by diligently cross-referencing pictorial, archaeological and documentary sources.

A statistically rigorous analysis of over 57,000 items of dress drawn from wills, inventories, probate accounts and household expenses identifies the most popular garments with trends in textiles and colours and interprets them in the context of the acts of apparel and royal proclamations on clothes as they applied to those below knights in Tudor society.

Little-known images from museums, churches, private collections and archives serve to illustrate a range of garments in detail while more familiar pictorial sources are presented as evidence for construction techniques.

Detailed drawings and diagrams show styles of clothing, headwear and other accessories appropriate to ordinary people. Photographs of reconstructions illustrate how the garments contribute to accurate clothing ensembles for specific date ranges.

Historians and archaeologists, designers and costumiers, educators and reenactors will find The Typical Tudor a robust and essential guide for a range of reconstruction projects from scholarly studies to festival events.

This book is also available at a discount in a combined offer with The Tudor Child.
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