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Kit for making a Henrician lady's bonnet & frontlet

Kit for making a Henrician lady's bonnet & frontlet

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NEW - Tudor Tailor exclusive!

Pattern and materials to make one Bonnet and Frontlet. The advantage of buying the kit is that it contains all the difficult to source ingredients and the fabric is cut to the size needed for the pattern, making this the most economical way to purchase the components.

Kit contains:

• Pattern (revised and updated 2024)
• Paste buckram for paste foundation and edge front
• Brushed cotton for covering paste foundation and padding frontlet
• Cotton Wadding for hair covering interlining
• Ramie for optional secondary paste
• 1mm gauge millinery wire
• Black cotton velvet for bonnet and veil
• Linen for covering paste, edge and bonnet lining
• Linen tape
• Striped silk for hair coverings in a choice of tawny or red
• Fabric for a frontlet in a choice of metallic silk or black cotton velvet

Additional equipment (not included): 

  • Tailor’s chalk and pencil
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Pins

No jewels are included in the kit, but we carry a variety to decorate your bonnet & frontlet, including pearls and gold plated 'ouches' with imitation gemstones in three colours. We also offer a full billiment of jewels custom made to go across the top of a French hood.

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We also offer just the pattern for the bonnet & frontlet.

Please note, this is a kit providing materials to make a bonnet and frontlet. Any photos showing garments are intended for illustrative purposes only. No garments are included in this listing.

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