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Kit for a Tudor style woman doll with auburn or red hair

Kit for a Tudor style woman doll with auburn or red hair

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• Kit for one 11½ inch (29cm) doll that's ready to dress
• Made exclusively for The Tudor Tailor

This kit for a charming 16th century style Tudor doll was developed using research undertaken to recreate the doll on the cover of The Tudor Child book. The doll is based on several sources, including extant examples and paintings. Please see the photo of the kit cover for specific sources.

The kit contains:

  • A pattern for the doll’s body and arms (including options for cloth head and hands)
  • Cast resin head and hands sculpted by Michael Perry
  • 100% linen fabric for the body and arms
  • Wire for the arms
  • Organic kapok for stuffing
  • A wooden disc for the base
  • Wefted mohair for the hair
  • Making and painting instructions

You will also need the following items (not included in the kit):

  • Paint for the head and hands (water-based or acrylic)
  • Varnish for the head and hands
  • Glue for the hair (not superglue)
  • Sewing thread
  • Scissors, needle, pins and a pencil or tailor’s chalk

We also offer this doll kit with blonde hair or brown/brunette hair.

The cast resin head and hands are available separately too, without the rest of the kit contents.

Please note that the photo of a dressed doll is only an example - clothes are not included in the kit but appropriate patterns are featured in The Tudor Child book.

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