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The Tudor Child: clothing and culture 1485 to 1625

The Tudor Child: clothing and culture 1485 to 1625

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Written by Jane Huggett and Ninya Mikhaila; edited by Jane Malcolm-Davies.

• 160 full-colour pages
• 40 patterns with comprehensive step-by-step making instructions
• Instructions for knitted items, including a waistcoat, petticoat, stockings, caps and mittens
• Over 65 historical illustrations
• Detailed line drawings and diagrams by Michael Perry
• Photographs showing finished reconstructed garments worn by real children
• Paperback
• 9in x 11in (20.5cm x 28cm)

The Tudor Child provides a survey of babies’ and children’s clothes from the late 15th century to the Jacobean era, with an emphasis on the 16th century. More than 40 patterns are included for making garments for newborn infants to children aged 12 years, including underwear, boys’ and girls’ garments, headwear and knitted items. Children of various social status are represented, from the lower and middle classes through to royals.

The book begins with a demonstration of maternity wear with illustrative photographs of Ninya Mikhaila (who was pregnant at the time). Patterns are given for the standard linens needed for newborns and the childbed, along with a detailed exploration of the popular 16th century practice of swaddling.

Some patterns are based on historical portraits (which are shown in the book), while others offer more usual garments of the sort worn by Tudor children. One section describes standard garments like doublets, bodices and sleeves, including patterns and fitting instructions for children at various ages: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12. This section also discusses how garments like skirts were constructed to allow for growth and later ‘letting out’ as children grew. These garments can be adapted for various social classes through the choice of fabric and finishings.

The book also includes patterns for several knitwear items, including an infant’s waistcoat, a coif, stockings and mittens. Patterns for other accessories include a linen coif, French hood and even shoes for toddlers.

The opening section provides a social history of children and babies in the 16th century, drawing on contemporary research and primary sources such as ordinary people's wills and household accounts. The book contains fascinating insights into the way in which Tudor children were raised, educated and of course clothed.

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