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Pattern for Tudor girl's kirtle & petticoat with variations

Pattern for Tudor girl's kirtle & petticoat with variations

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• Made exclusively by The Tudor Tailor

Sewing pattern for children’s Tudor-era kirtles and petticoats, including variations with or without sleeves. Ideal for 16th century impressions. With full instructions for choosing materials, sizing and constructing garments - perfect for reenactors.

This garment could be made of simpler fabrics and worn alone as an outer dress for lower-class girls, or it could be made of finer fabrics and worn under a gown for upper-class children.

This pattern is from our book, The Tudor Child. Highly researched and based on documentary descriptions, extant examples and paintings. See the image of the pattern envelope for specific sources.

Please note this is a children's pattern and see the sizing information below to ensure you're selecting the correct pattern for your child.

Printed out in five sizes to fit ages 8 to 12 years. Designed to fit the following range of measurements:

Waist: 21½in to 26½in / 54.5cm to 67.5cm
Chest: 26½in to 31½in / 67.5cm to 80cm

Red was a particularly popular colour for kirtles and petticoats as it was believed that red had health-giving properties and wearing it close to the skin was beneficial. Our madder red Tudor style woollen 2/2 twill cloth is an excellent choice for kirtles and petticoats. Linen canvas is used to interline and stiffen the bodies (or bodice).

Note, photos of actual garments are examples only – no garments are included with this product.

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