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Replica Tudor thimble in solid silver or brass

Replica Tudor thimble in solid silver or brass

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• 100% silver or 100% brass
• 11⁄16in (17mm) internal diameter
• Made exclusively for The Tudor Tailor

The inspiration for these unique thimbles comes from an original late 16th/early 17th century silver example found at Acton Court in South Gloucestershire. Ever since learning of the thimble Jane and Ninya have been keen to have a collectable replica made to share with other 16th century social history and dress enthusiasts!

Acton Court is a magnificent moated manor house which was visited by Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn in 1535 - and by Jane and Ninya in 2006 who gave presentations there as part of the launch of The Tudor Tailor book!

The thimble was discovered during excavations undertaken by English Heritage in the 1980s and is dated to between 1580 and 1650. The charming and motivating inscription around the base - TEND YOVR NEDILL - is used as the introduction to the patterns section of The Tudor Tailor.

The model for our reproduction was carved in wood by Peter Crossman of Crossman Crafts (who was also archaeological illustrator at The Mary Rose Trust Museum for 26 years) and has been cast in your choice of brass or silver. The silver thimble weighs 26 grams and is hallmarked.

A drawing of the original thimble is included in the photos, which is by Nick Griffiths from Rodwell, K & Bell, R (2012) Acton Court: the evolution of an early Tudor courtier’s house, London: English Heritage, fig 9.51, 388.

Please note that due to the fact that the silver is cast rather than being hard wired, the silver thimbles are relatively soft and will bend under heavy pressure.

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