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Red Tudor style woollen 'frizado' cloth - fabric sold by the half yard

Red Tudor style woollen 'frizado' cloth - fabric sold by the half yard

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For our customers in the US, we've been told US Customs and Border Control might charge an import duty of 7% on our woollen fabric. The charge is based on the value of the fabric (excluding shipping), and there may also be some small fees in addition. While we cannot guarantee the amount that will be charged, it's likely to be something along those lines.

If ordering more than a yard to an address outside of UK, please provide us with a contact telephone number in the notes field when you check out as we may send it by courier.

• 100% (50/50 New Zealand & British)
• 50in (128cm) wide

• 400-420g/m or 13 oz/yd
• Plainweave
• Made in the United Kingdom

This 100% wool fabric is supplied to The Tudor Tailor from a Yorkshire mill and has been selected as a good representation of the Tudor cloth known as ‘frizado’. Frizado was a fabric which had a very particular quality in that it was ‘frised’, that is the nap was raised up to create a warm, fuzzy surface. It would appear to have been similar to frieze, which was very thick, had a fuzzy surface on both sides and was very warm and cosy. Frizado seems to have been finer, often commanding a higher price per yard than frieze, and more lightweight. It was used for middle class gowns, cloaks and kirtles and petticoats.

This listing is for frizado in red, a popular colour for many 16th century garments and the ‘must-have’ colour for Tudor women’s petticoats. In our study of 10,000 wills from Essex made between 1558-1603 the most startling fact to emerge was that 87% of women's petticoats specified by colour were red. Our latest research reveals that this was also usual in other counties in England, and in the earlier part of the century. Red was believed to have health-giving properties, and wearing it near the skin was considered beneficial to one's well-being.

PLEASE NOTE, this fabric is sold by the half yard (46cm). To order the exact amount required simply select multiple quantities before adding it to your cart. For example, if you need 3½ yards, select 7 in the 'quantity' box and we'll cut the 3½ yards as one continuous length of cloth.

We offer a range of natural fabrics to meet the making needs of the discerning costume maker from basic calico (US muslin) for toiles to quality linens for making linings and underwear. We also offer a variety of woollen fabrics appropriate for Tudor reconstructions. Please visit our fabric section to see our complete range.

Any photos showing garments are intended for illustrative purposes only. No garments are included in this listing.

Care Instructions

Handwash or dry clean.

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