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Printing (or stamping) tool set for Tudor style 16th century textile embossing

Printing (or stamping) tool set for Tudor style 16th century textile embossing

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• Brass with turned wood handles
• Set of 3 tools (see product dimensions)
• 5¾in (15cm) long each
• Made in the United Kingdom
• Made exclusively for The Tudor Tailor

The Tudor Tailor has specially commissioned this bespoke set of three hand made brass tools with wooden handles suitable for embossing designs onto fabrics using heat.

Stamping or 'printing' fabrics was a popular technique used in the 16th century in which metal tools were heated and then pressed into fabrics, creating permanent embossed designs. These designs could transform an otherwise plain fabric with an all-over pattern, or could be used artistically to emphasise the lines of a specific garment, such as a doublet.

Our tool kit comprises three 5¾in (15cm) long tools with the following designs, which can be used individually or in combination:

• 1 'flower' design measuring ⅞n (2.5cm) across
• 1 'sun' design measuring ¾in (2cm) across
• 1 'bar' design m

All you need is a heat source (an electric hotplate or a heavy-bottomed metal pan like a cast iron skillet work nicely) and a clean cloth to stamp on. No other specialist equipment is required to create stunning permanent designs on silk, cellulose or synthetic fabrics. Instructions are included in the set.

We also carry a set of pinking or slashing tools, another popular 16th century technique for embellishing fabrics. 

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