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Pinking (or slashing) and buttonhole tool set for Tudor style 16th century fabric cutting

Pinking (or slashing) and buttonhole tool set for Tudor style 16th century fabric cutting

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• Steel
• Set of 4 tools (see below)
• 2½in (6cm) long with blades from ¼in to 1in (7mm to 26mm) wide
• Made in the United Kingdom
• Made exclusively for The Tudor Tailor

The Tudor Tailor has specially commissioned this bespoke set of four hand made steel tools suitable for slashing fabrics and cutting buttonholes. They have been specially developed to withstand the force of repeated striking. Be careful, though, as the blade ends are very sharp!

Slashing or 'pinking' was a popular technique used in the 16th century in which sharp metal tools were used to cut slits into fabric, often in a repeating pattern. The resulting design could transform an otherwise plain fabric with an all-over pattern, or could be used artistically to emphasise the lines of a specific garment, such as a doublet or sleeves.

Our tool kit comprises four 2½in (6cm) long tools with the following blade widths, which can be used individually or in combination:

• 1 inch (26mm) blade
• 1 inch (26mm) curved blade
• ⅝ inch (16mm) blade
• ¼ inch (7mm) blade

All you need is a mallet or hammer and an appropriate cutting surface (16th century tailors would have used a sheet of lead over a block of wood, but we've found that a craft mat works nicely). No other specialist equipment is required, and no finishing of the slits is needed.

These tools can also be used to cut quick and consistent buttonholes in a garment. Simply mark the position of the buttonholes, cut along each line with a tool, and finish with buttonhole stitch.

We also carry a set of printing or stamping tools, another popular 16th century technique for embellishing fabrics. 

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