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Hand-sewn Tudor or Elizabethan cap kercher or coif in linen or hemp

Hand-sewn Tudor or Elizabethan cap kercher or coif in linen or hemp

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• Finished accessory
• Tudor Tailor exclusive

A cap kercher or coif was a common accessory for the 16th century woman. This listing is for a hand sewn Tudor style cap kercher in your choice of either 100% linen or 100% hemp. This particular style can be worn alone or under a French hood.

Linen lace tie fastenings are pulled taut through a casing at the nape of the neck, allowing the cap to adjust to fit most any head size. The laces are then pulled up and over the head and tied at the back, securing the cap over dressed hair. Instructions for the period-appropriate method of dressing the hair under the cap are also included.

Please select linen or hemp. The hemp is slightly heavier and slightly creamier in colour (see the photo with both caps together - the hemp cap is on the right, under the linen cap), making it perfect for lower class portrayals.

We regret that we cannot offer returns or refunds on costumes. Returns on items such as these are not very practical, particularly if shipping internationally where customs duties might be involved. Therefore, please check all measurements (both yours and those of the costume!) carefully. If you have any questions about the garments or need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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